The"Silver Streak"

1926 Ford Model T Touring car

2007 Portland, Oregon

Once again seeing the light of day and still running!

1937 Ontario, Canada to see the Dionne Quints.

1937 Dionne Quints Ontario, Canada.

1938 Henry Ford and the Gypsy Coeds.

1939 in route to New York, New York.

1939 New York Worlds Fair

1940 Leaving for the Golden Gate Expo San Fransico, Calif.

In route to the Golden Gate Expo. California or Bust!

1940 Don Ameche & the Coeds in Hollywood, California

1941 Leaving for Detroit, New York, Norfolk

1941 Norfolk's Ford assembly plant.

1982 Bradford parade Bradford, Illinois.

2007 Bekki out for a cruise in the "Silver Streak" Portland, Oregon.

Dorgan Girls Visit Henry Ford at Detroit - 1938

Are you familiar with the "Silver Streak" in which several Bradford girls took many vacation trips totaling up to over 71,575 miles? The famous "Silver Streak" is a 1926 Model T. Ford which is still owned by the Dorgan girls. They took their first trip in 1935, when they ventured only as far as Devil's Lake, Wisconsin. In 1936, they vacationed again in Wisconsin and also Michigan.

In 1937, six Bradford girls, Darlene Dorgan, now Mrs. Charles Bjorkman, of Riverside, Calif.; Ruby McDonald, now Mrs. Lloyd Nutter, of Peoria; Helen Feurtges, now Mrs. John Hickey, of Camp Grove; Clare Breen, now Mrs. Francis Russell, of Tiskilwa, the late Miss Eleanor Butte, and Miss Marge Dorgen took off in the "Silver Streak" mainly to visit the home of the famous Dionne Quintuplets in Ontario, Canada. While on this trip, the girls were entertained at dinner at the home of Dr. Allen Roy Defoe, in Callendar, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Defoe was the doctor who delivered the Dionne quints.

In 1938 Darlen and Marjory Dorgan, Rosemary Moran, now Mrs. Walter Randolph, of Peoria, Winnie Swearingen, now Mrs. Ray Hays of Peoria, and Ruby McDonald went to Detroit, Michigan, where they made the acquaintance of Henry Ford. Through Mr. Ford's hospitality they were shown the city of Detroit by Mr. Ford's personal chauffeur. They were later entertained at dinner in Mr. Ford's private dining room, where only his immediate friends dined. They spent that night at one of Ford's luxurious farms.

In 1939, the "Gypsy Coeds" started out this time for a longer destination - the New York World's fair. The group this time included the Misses Marge and Darlene Dorgan, Winnie Swearingen, Rosemary Moran, and Regina Fennell, now Mrs. Don Butte, and Miss Anne Holland. They were again greeted at Dearborn, Michigan, by Henry Ford, given a place to camp and shown through the Ford Plant. While attending the New York World's Fair all expenses were taken care of by the Ford Motor Co., through some of the efforts of R. L. Breen. They also visited Niagra Falls on this trip.

In 1940, Dar and Marge Dorgan, Ruth Gustafson, a former teacher in Bradford, Rosemary Moran and Patricia Moffitt, of Galesburg, started on their journey west to attend the San Francisco World's Fair. On this trip, the girls had a letter from Henry Ford to his representatives in California and another letter from Darryl B. Zannuk, director of 20th Century-Fox Film Colony inviting them to be his guests while in California. Again they had passes to all shows and entertainments at the Exposition.

In 1941, the Bradford Coeds took their last long trip in their "Silver Streak". Accompanying Marge & Dar Dorgan were Miss Zo Dailey, a teacher in Bradford at that time, Rosemary Moran, Margaret Burnett and Murial Cunningham, of Wyoming. They visited New Orleans, La., Memphis Tenn., Richmond, Va., Montgomery, Ala., and many other interesting and historical places in the South and the East. They again visited Niagra Falls, New York City and Henry Ford, who was pleased to see that the Model T was still running.

It took a lot of courage for these girls to start out in this 1926 Model T. Ford which on their first trip was nine years old and on their last long trip was 15 years old. But they were young and adventurous. No doubt, if they were going to do the same thing today, they would think about it quite extensively before taking off.

The Dorgan girls with their "Silver Streak" have been in 44 states besides Canada and Mexico. One incident that will remain permanent in the minds of the girls is when they ran out of gas on the Golden Gate bridge. The policeman was going to issue them a ticket but decided their car wasn't worth that much. No doubt he also decided that the girls were young and pretty and he'd let them off easy!