1969 BOSS 429 Powered Ford Torino

1969 Ford Torino. This car was backed by Ford, built by Holman & Moody-Stroppe for the Pikes Peak hill climb in 1969. Smokey Yunick prepared the BOSS 429 and Ford hired Bobby Unser to race it. One of one built exclusively for Pikes Peak and set a record in 1969 that held for 7 years! The car still has the BOSS 429 it won the Pikes Peak with. It was put in the Pikes Peak museum for several years then was shipped back to Bill Stroppe and stored away for several more. It has remained untouched and original, original paint, motor, even the Good Year Pikes Peak specials came with the car! It now rides on a set of Good Year stock car specials but the original tires are available.